Western Avenue Community Center
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Hispanic Outreach

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Western Avenue Community Center has been serving the Hispanic community for over twenty years. This population has evolved in the Bloomington/Normal community with plans to improve family life, but quite often may find obstacles at every turn. Wanting to enroll their children in school, make a dentist appointment, or read the lease for an apartment becomes impossible when no one speaks your native language and everything in print is in English. This is the story of many recently arrived Spanish-speaking people to our community, and where WACC can help these folks assimilate in their new community.

As the Hispanic community has grown in Bloomington/Normal, WACC has seen the need to continue to provide support for our Hispanic brothers and sisters on a broader base. Today, the Hispanic population accounts for 40% of those in poverty in Mclean County. This accounts for over 2,000 visits a year by Spanish-speaking clients to our facility.

The Hispanic Outreach Program at Western Avenue provides social services, interpretation / translations and counseling for Spanish-speaking residents in the area, including:

  • Case Management  -  Socorro Alvarez, Hispanic Outreach Director, (309) 827-3794,  Email
    • Coordinates services with other agencies and government service providers.
    • Assists with cultural orientation, form completion, document preparation.
    • Provides English language classes.
    • Advocates for the Hispanic population.
    • Provides guidance and emotional support.
  • Counseling Services  -  Liz Acevedo-Alstrum, (Contact through Socorro Alvarez)
    • Individual, child, family and couples general counseling.
    • Specific counseling in the areas of codependency, grief and loss, anger management, conflict resolution, parenting education and domestic violence.
    • Crisis intervention.
  • Ninos y musica

    In partnership with Music Connection Foundation, parents and young children participate in a Kindermusik® program. Kindermusik® is a developmental music program which through joyful music-making between the parent, child and teacher seeks to promote cognitive, physical, language, social, emotional and musical development in young children.