Western Avenue Community Center


Hello everyone!  Welcome to our website!  We hope you will stop by often to see what events and programs are taking place. Here are upcoming events that we are looking forward to!

12 Days of Giving!

Visit the Gingerbread House for the 12 Days of Giving on Monday, November 3!  10% of sales will be donated to Western Avenue Community Center!  Visit the Calendar for all the details!

Food Fight!

The 3rd Annual WACC Intercity Food Fight will take a different twist this fall. The Food Fight will take place at the Intercity Basketball Tournament in November at the IWU Shirk Center. The tournament runs November 24, 26, 28, 29 and December 1. Non-perishable items will be collected at the games, as well as the schools the week prior to the tournament. Come out and support your favorite team and local food pantry. Visit the Calendar for all the details.

Please visit our Calendar to see the upcoming events that are scheduled.

Back to School Parade - August 2014!

Sheridan School Back to School parade

Western Avenue Community Center staff walked in the Sheridan School Back to School parade!  Check out the picture!

Penny Carnival - May 2014!

Penny Carnival

WACC had a Penny Carnival at Lawrence Irvin Neighborhood Center on Wednesday, May 21!  Admission was Pennies!  This was an "end of school" party for the kids in Sunnyside housing and those who participate in programs at LINC. Check out the pictures!

Western Avenue Community Center Programs

Western Avenue Community Center offers many programs to support members of our community. Please explore the webpages here to learn how you can help, either monetarily or volunteer. Your support can make a huge difference in our community. Thank you.

Western Avenue Community Center, 600 N. Western Ave., Bloomington, IL 61701   (309)829-4807

Lawrence Irvin Neighborhood Center, 1615 W. Illinois St., Bloomington, IL 61701   (309)827-5428