State Farm donates $250K to Western Avenue Community Center to honor Willie Brown's legacy.

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Board of Directors

Western Avenue Community Center’s Board of Directors


Executive Board

Board President: Michael Jones, State Farm Retiree

Board Vice President: Cheris Larson, Youth Service Director, Project Oz

Board Secretary: Dennis Steele, Funk Seed Retiree

Board Treasurer: Jeff Gendron, Young America Realty


Other Members

Toni Farrington, Philanthropist

Bob Hermes, Owner of Hermes Service and Sale

Michelle Mancias, State Farm

Chris Hunt, Director of Merchandise, Sherman’s

Ulises Napoles, Vice President, First Site Ltd.

Kerry Urquizo, Associate Dean, Adult Education, Heartland Community College

Tom Good, Market President in McLean County for First Busey Corporation

Dawna Tucci, Former teacher/Philanthropist