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Our History

Since 1926

Western Avenue Community Center

Western Avenue Community Center (WACC) opened in 1926 when Reverend Frank Breen and a group of community leaders held a campaign to raise $30,000 for the erection of an inter-denominational church and community center. The church and center became a neighborhood meeting place for social, religious, educational, and recreational activities for all age groups.


The Western Avenue Community Church disbanded as a church in 1969, but continued as a social service organization and community center, working with people of all ages and reaching out into the neighborhood.


Western Avenue Community Center Outdoor SignCurrent

A fire in 1981 destroyed the church building, but leaders decided to rebuild on the site. This building and property serves as the center of community programs today with offices, a community room, gymnasium and playground.


The building was owned by Second Presbyterian Church for 95 years , and programs were funded by Second Presbyterian Church, State Farm, United Way, other churches, businesses and individuals.


In 2022 the building deed was signed over to WACC, but we still benefit from Second Presbyterian's strong financial and spiritual support.


Today WACC serves more than 2,000 families per year in the community and has many friends and supporters who "grew up" at the Center. Although the church is gone, faith still plays an important part in our programs and services in place at Western Avenue Community Center.